A survey regarding best practices in E2E testing

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of writing a short thesis on the best practices in End-to-end testing and have put together a short survey on the topic.

Approaching Best Practices in End-2-End Testing

It consists of 17 questing and should take a maximum of 2 minutes to answer. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to answer it. I also welcome any comments, insight and tips regarding E2E, as that is what I am currently doing as an intern.



Curious to the results, when will you let us know? :slight_smile:


Excellent, thank you very much :slight_smile:

The survey will be out until the end of November, the thesis is due to be finished by the beginning of January. I can post the results of the survey as soon as it closes. The thesis might take longer as it is written in Swedish and may have to be altered to remove some sensitive information regarding my school.


Hello again! I apologize for the delay regarding showing the results of the survey. For those still interested, here they are Results on the E2E Practices Survey

In summary, we saw that the results don’t strictly follow the testing pyramid when it comes to test automation of the E2E / UX/UI tests. This could mean that it really is up to the needs of the product/project, or that the respondents could not accurately access the testing efforts in their projects. In combination with what publications (books/papers) and internet sources, we could confirm most of the best practices for E2E.

We could, however, not gather much data on AI/Machine Learning apart from what has been said - that the tech is not yet mature enough to replace good old hands-on scripting. We saw some tools out on the market, but did not have the resources to evaluate them in any meaningful way. This could be a good research toping in the future though, as there were a few interesting projects presented at the latest SAST conference.

Again, thank you very much for taking your time to help us out with this survey!


…hold my beer :slight_smile:

I do find it a pity that there were not more respondents and thus some ways to break down the data by industry sector. Very impressive and deep thought work done here Anna. It’s nice to see some our broader questions answered in here too.

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