Quick tooling survey - University Assisgnment

Hey Folks,

I’m doing an engineering course at uni where we are looking to build tooling but we need real world testers feedback, having been a tester for years I know this is the place to come.

This survey should only take 1 minute, I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill it out.

It’s anonymous and I’m not collecting personal data.


just completed filling the survey. questions were relevant and on topic.

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Thanks so much Meenak, very much appreciated

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Filled @adelereid hope it would be helpful

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Thanks so much Poojitha-Chandra, very much appreciated

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Would you like me to put a poll out on LinkedIn? We get hundreds of responses there.

They would need to be one singular question polls. Here’s an example.


That would be awesome, thanks so much Rosie.
Can I create it using survey monkey as we need to gather our findings?

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It looks like my poll was pulled from MOT, did I break a rule? apologies if I did but i guess testers break things lol

The poll is still here on The Club. What are you seeing? Or what do you mean about it being pulled?

Edit: actually, just saw there was an automated flag of your post (not because of what you posted, but more because of being a new user and sharing a link), it has been removed now.

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I can (and will) share a link to it via social, it’s hit and miss whether people will actually click and respond to it.

If you want more responses, I’d recommend using the built in functionality of LinkedIn via our MoT page/audience.

Again, thanks so much, test community power at work indeed.
I’ll have a wee go at the linkedin MOT thing

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