Software testing "movies"

(David) #1

Just something silly I stumbled across, and was posting on Slack but didn’t want to channel flood.

Anyone have more?


As I said, the last one is a bit of a stretch due to the ‘&’ symbol, but I love the slogan!

-Dave K

(David) #2

A few more contributions from a slack channel member:


(David) #3

This list could also be called “Movies that look very, very bad.”

(Daniel) #4

@neil and I will take note. We have already started planning a ‘bad movies’ epsiode. But there is Swordfish, Hackers, The Net etc

(Tobias) #5

Not only the title matches, but also the plot:
“The Test is a movie starring Jeremy Saville, Kelly Sullivan, and Stephen Frejek. A guy puts his unwitting bride-to-be through a series of increasingly bizarre “stress tests” to see if she’s worthy of marriage.”
Those of us that never wanted to conduct inappropriate (stress) tests in real life cast the first stone…

(David) #6

Hey, we could design a whole new dating app on that concept…

(stephen) #7

Fail Army is a TV series starring Michael O’Rourke.
A YouTube series that focuses on short clips of people falling and things going wrong.