Software Testing YouTube Channel is Online - Daniel Knott

Hi Community,
I have some nice and interesting news to share with you :tada:. Today my software testing youtube channel went online. In the next days the first videos will be available. I plan to create videos around the following topics:

  • Software Testing Techniques
  • Software Testing Tools
  • General Skills and Knowledge for Software Testers
  • Testing Leadership
  • Software Testing Interviews

Take a look at my trailer here Software Testing - Daniel Knott - YouTube and if you would like to see my videos, make sure to hit the subscribe button.

Do you have any kind of wishes and or topics you want me to cover for you?



Best wishes, Daniel. Benefited a lot from your mobile testing book and blog posts. Looking forward to your videos :slight_smile:

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I want to see :everything: :stuck_out_tongue:
Very cool initiative, looking forward to your videos!

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Thanks Ajay, my list of videos is long, lets see how fast I can work through them :slight_smile:

:smiley:, lets see how fast I can get through my list of videos.