My YouTube channel crossed 1k subs!


My YouTube channel crossed 1k subs! #1kcreator

Just wanted to share this with the community since it is always nice to share stuff and I would also like to thank you for the support and nice content. It always inspired me to be better and make more interesting content related to testing


Congratulations, Many more milestones to cross :slight_smile:


wow congrats such a great acheivement :tada: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Congrats! It’s cool to see more and more software testing people move over to video! Maybe we can create a thread here at MoT with videos connected to a specific topic.

I find it hard to follow all the different channels.
Have a great day!


Great idea, @dnlknott. We can do that as a Wiki page so folks can edit it.

I think it would work well if folks were to add something like this:

  • Channel Name
  • Channel Description
  • Link

and perhaps the sort of β€œtopics” folks tend to discuss/share on their channel.

I think this would provide a handy high-level list of Testing Related Video Channels to check out and would still encourage folks to share specific videos as new topics in #blogs-books-videos-audio.

I’ll set something up next week to start things off.

What do you think?