Thank you for the Support and Inspiration, reached 500 Subs :)

A youtube video a day keeps the boredom away

And on that nice note

I would like to glote

And would like to promote

That thanks to your support

My channel has reached the 500 subs note

Thanks :smiley:


Congrats on your milestone, @restertest. :trophy:


Definitely time to treat yourself to a victory snack of some kind.

An :green_apple: a day
Keeps the :pretzel: monster at bay
A :carrot: at night gives
the :pretzel: monster a :scream:


Thank you for making those funny testing-related video’s :slight_smile:
I love those the most to be honest hahaha

  • PM asking Developer if the task is done

so true :stuck_out_tongue:

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Congratulations! It’s a pleasure knowing a fellow YouTuber! :slight_smile:

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