Software testing students looking for a practice site

HI everyone,

Do you want help with testing a website or mobile app from software-testing students?

I’m a mentor for 2 students who are currently doing a 1.5 year program at EC Utbildning and the students in the course (not just my mentees) are looking for something to sink their teeth into.

The site/app needs to be in English or Swedish.


Hey @deament, there’s an old thread here Products and sites to practice testing on with some sites that are still up and running for practice on. I’ve been meaning to go back and mark the dead links but keep forgetting :sweat_smile:


Thanks! Will share this with the person arranging the course.

Here’s also a big list of sites available. (Web, API, react, …)


Thanks heaps! I also shared this with the person arranging the course.
(I heard many students seem to be fairly interested in learning test automation)


That’s so lovely to hear, if you want to give them a challenge, let them try: Testing Challenges

I had a blast trying to do challenge 1,2 & 3. (Yes 3!) :wink:

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When I interview someone for a tester position, I like to propose them to create a Product Coverage Outline of Michael Bolton’s Triangle Calculator. Quick stuff, like 10 minutes.

It’s interesting to see how people differ in their exploration approaches and styles of communication of their experiencing (I usually see very clearly which Testing School they are more aligned to).

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Hi Nicola,

The site was listed with MoT for practice testing in Mar ’18 (Heather’s list). It’s still available. And several college classes have used it for test design and practice testing. It’s a live commercial site – So please play nice, and tell me if you find anything.

The service generates pairwise test designs. These designs can specify valid test inputs to cover expected outputs, using a small number of test cases. Pairwise testing can specify configurations too.


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Thanks every for the suggestions! I’ll make sure to share them with the course instructor so the students know they have a variety of sites they can practice their testing on

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You can try Practice Page or