Specflow tutorials which cover UI testing

Good morning,

when initially delving into the realm of BDD my initial foray was with Java and Cucumber. I found a wealth of knowledge online which allowed me to get to grips with this, specifically real-world scenarios where, for example, I’d log into an website and carry out some basic functionality.

I’ve since moved across to coding in c# and as a result am looking at utilising Specflow. Unfortunately, I’ve found that there isn’t as much information as there is for Cucumber. There are a lot of basic courses, but the stuff I’m looking for relates to the more in-depth functions such as using Hooks, data tables etc/

I was wondering if anyone has any useful links that they can send over for Specflow tutorials/courses as I’d be interested going through them.


Hi Andy, whilst I do not have any written tutorials/blog posts, if you have anything in particular your stuck with I would be happy to help?

Have you looked at scenario outlines, perhaps this is what your looking for? Also as for hooks have you seen this https://github.com/techtalk/SpecFlow/wiki/Hooks


Hi Viv, that’s brilliant thank you.

I think sometimes I spend hours trying to get my head around something so at times it is difficult to see the would through the trees, but this has helped greatly, thank you!

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On a side note I don’t know if you’ve done much API testing in C#? If so, if you have any input into some difficulties I’m having with that it would be much appreciated(see link below):

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I’ve responded with a possible answer on that thread :slight_smile: +1: