SWTC Belfast - What is Testing?

(Heather) #1

Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining us for the second installment of the Software Testing Clinic Belfast. I know I’ve missed some of the references from the evening so please do add yours and continue the discussions from the night here :slight_smile:

Our first group exercise “What is Testing”

@shicky created this beautiful masterpiece about his take on software testing

The feelings from the exploring game

References from the evening:

The further reading we suggested from the other SWTC sessions can be found here:

(Nicholas Shaw) #2

That’s some fast work Heather! My sarcasm detector exploded at ‘beautiful masterpiece’…

I’ll get the background reading around the checking and testing debate here too as I know it sparked quite a bit of interest. As mentioned on the night, the most important element of that debate is to focus on communication, when you say you tested something, do members of your team know exactly what you mean?

It’s worthwhile to have an awareness of the debate, read some arguments either side and come to your own conclusion. I’ll hopefully get this posted up tonight

(Keith Maxwell) #3

Really good session, thanks both for facilitating.

I can think of a few recent projects where I definitely emphasised scripted testing/checking and would have benefited from planned or scheduled “exploring”. Maybe it stemmed from a preference for automating, but it also might have been a lack of knowledge. I hope we get a chance to learn more about professionally “running” the second type of testing.

From the title I thought the session, my first, would be quite abstract. I was surprised thinking back on the walk home just how quickly I’ll be able to apply some of what I learnt. Thanks!

(Nicholas Shaw) #4

no problem at all Keith, very pleased to hear you got value from the session and can see ways to apply what you’ve learnt already. That’s the dream for us really, to deliver content that attendees can actually action!

With regards to your comments about exploring in the manner we talked about, we have upcoming sessions which will cover this and give you a chance to do it in the clinic. With the help of our mentors I’m sure we can help you plan for similar sessions at work.

Thanks again for taking the time the other evening and for the lovely comment!

(Nicholas Shaw) #5

Hey all,

apologies for the delay, finally got round to collecting some of the testing and checking resources I spoke about. Definitely have a scan and come to your own conclusions, any doubts or questions, please feel free to raise them here or bring them along to the next clinic! There are many more opinions out there on the subject, my advice would be to become aware of the debate and don’t go too far down the rabbit-hole!

The original - http://www.satisfice.com/blog/archives/856
Del’s diagram - https://findingdeefex.com/2016/05/20/the-testing-checking-synergy/
Dan Ashby’s thoughts - https://danashby.co.uk/2016/03/08/information-and-its-relationship-with-testing-and-checking/
Jeremias’ thoughts - https://dev.to/roesslerj/testing-vs-checkingso-what



(Christian) #6

The post that I had in mind that spoke about Testers being “information radiators” in the Research and Experimentation, delivering high value information to both “Tech”(implementation deliverers) to enable better solutions to be built and “Product”(product owners, senior business stakeholders) to enable better decisions to be made: