SWTC London - What is testing?

We had a fantastic time at SWTC London last week and wanted to bring some of the chats online. In particular we had some great chats about a couple of models Dan and I use when talking about testing.

First up was Dan with his fantastic model about how different types of information can inform actions and other types of information.

Next up was the swiss cheese model which as I said has been around in the world of derisking engineering for a long time but I like as a better model than the pyramid when talking about the value of automated (and in manual!) testing.

What other models would you suggest looking at? @simon_tomes or @danashby anything to add??


I enjoyed the discussion around, “What is testing?”. We captured the following:


I always find this article springs to mind when talking about “What is testing?” :slight_smile:

Testing vs Checking