SWTC Cambridge - Interviewing Testers

(Mark) #1

Hi everybody,

Many thanks for taking part in our Software Testing Clinic Session on “Interviewing Testers”.

We started out with small group discussions on individuals’ experience of interviewing for testing roles and being interviewed. Key points were captured …

Dan Ashby’s excellent blog on interviewing testers was recommended and the structure was recreated in the room as a reference for the post-pizza section … panel interviews!


… and some tips were shared on how individuals can prepare themselves for being interviewed …

Attendees split up into small groups of 3 or 4 for some practical experience, taking it in turns to be the interviewee in front of a panel made up of the other group members.

panel_1 panel_2 panel_3 panel_4

Joining back up to the mentor led groups, attendees were then asked to have a go at some common interview puzzles intended to encourage candidates lateral thinking, including:

“How do you find a needle in a haystack?” and “can you weigh a jet plane without using scales?”

We wrapped up the session with a review and debrief but for more on the topic, continue the discussion here, or over at the Ministry of Testing Slack channel.

Our next session will be held at the same time, same place, on 26th March where hosts and mentors will all give the opportunity to “Ask Me Anything”. See you there!

Mark & Karo