SWTC London - Communication mind maps


Thanks to everyone who attended our session on Communication at SWTC London. It was a great night with lots of great conversations and observations. I have taken the mind map we collaborated on as a group around key points of communication and added it below for future reference.

I’d love to hear more from everyone about techniques of communication they use and the challenges they face. How do you get your point across? How do you listen?

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I’m going to give y’all the best piece of advice I can: Read (and try to understand) “Tacit and Explicit Knowledge” by Harry Collins. This is one of the most important testing books in existence.

This will help you to understand the difference between code and language, the affordances of language, the lossiness of translation and interpretation, and the enablement of communication from the ground up - from brainwaves to soundwaves to brainwaves and the pitfalls in between.