SWTC London - Testing requirements


Thank you to everyone who came along to the testing requirement session at Equal Experts. There were some great questions and contributions from everyone which has been captured in a mind map below:

We want to keep the discussion going so below is a requirement that I want you to test:

‘The text field notifies users when the character limit of the field goes over 100’

Post what sort of question you might ask below and why you feel they are worth asking.

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I miss a part of the map about asking the team to clarify a specification. I suppose this fits neatly under “questioning”.
For example:

Which text field?
How will the users be notified?
A character limit implies a static value, do you mean something else?
Why 100? (Why not another value like say… 140?)
Speaking of 140, how similar to twitter’s input field should this be?
Is the field an input or an output?
Does the user input data into this field, or does the data come from another source (i.e. a database, another application, etc)?

Questions, in my case now, are used mostly to determine context, but can be used to point out potential errors or pit-falls as well.