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Hi all,

Thanks again for joining us at our most recent Software Testing Clinic Belfast. Some pictures of the board from the event:

Our note-taking session notes SWTC Belfast- Note Taking which we referred to in the session.

Further reading about user personas:

Further reading about heuristics:

Have you found any others?

Further resources about testing requirements:

Did you find any others?

Post clinic exercise

So the requirement we’d like you to explore is:

The text field notifies users when an invalid entry is put in the field

Post what sort of question you might ask below and why you feel they are worth asking.


This is not the entire list but are few pointers from top of my head.

I would ask below questions to remove ambiguity in the requirement.

  • Who should be entering the data, i.e. targeted users? - from Requirement Quality / Technical Perspective

  • What are the valid/invalid entries? – from Technical / Tester Perspective

  • Is this a text field or password field? – from Technical/ Tester Perspective

  • What is the max length of the text field? – from Technical / Tester Perspective

  • Where should the field to be positioned on the page? – from User Perspective

  • What is the field label for text field? - from User Perspective

  • Is this field mandatory or optional? - from User Perspective

  • When the field validation supposed to trigger, automatic or action button after entering information? – from Technical / Tester / User Perspective

  • What should be the error message and where should it appear i.e. above the field/ error message below the field? – from Technical / Tester / User Perspective

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