Technical Coding problems

I have worked for 5 years in QA automation using Java selenium, Im facing difficulty in technical interviews although I prepared well in core java practicing on IDE do you need to be best in algorithms or coding to clear the qa automation/SDET interviews , i have seen usually interviewers asking questions in hackerrack platform or someother platforms which make it very difficult to do its so hard to clear technical interviews, Any suggestions it looks like it very hard to clear coding interviews on java for SDET/qa automation role


I find it ridiculous that people don’t hire because you don’t solve a problem because you need to use an algorithm. You should find a company which will accept you because you are YOU. YOU are almost unchangeable but hard skills you can learn so even if they think you are not the best at coding, you can still learn it.

Imho, companies who deny you just because you can’t solve a challenge which you need to use an algorithm you don’t know… I’m sorry but that is not a company that I want to work for.



For coding questions, the best way is to just solve many questions from LeetCode or Hackerrank.
Alternatively, you can read the “Cracking Coding Interview” book or even purchase an account at or

It is a big question, whether it is effective to ask Test Automation or SDET only coding questions. But generally, such questions are a good way to determine whether the candidate has the ability to code.

Additionally, you need to know Java Core, CICD tools (Teamcity, Jenkins, etc), tools, and approaches for UI and API test automation.