Mobile SDET interview coding exercise

Hi there, we’re hiring for a Mobile SDET with XCUITest & Espresso experience (at least one or the other). However, the rest of the team don’t have much experience in either. Does anyone know of any resources they could share that could help us to assess a candidate’s knowledge in writing code for these two frameworks?

Thanks in advance!



I would focus on general testing and coding/automation skills. A good Engineer will pick up a new platform/framework given the right support. (Time to learn).

If they have experience in the framework, bonus. Let them tell you about it.


I had heard about companies which solve this problem, i.e. they can interview candidates on your behalf if your company does not have the skills to interview the candidate. One example is - Karat: the most trusted interviews for your technical recruiting - YouTube . But, I have never tried such companies myself. Be sure to do due diligence on such companies. Check if such companies actually have the people with experience in your tech stack. Sometimes, companies can tell lies or misrepresent themselves just to get contracts.

Alternately, you could hire one or more persons from a top quality freelancing website to help you in the interviews. Perhaps something like Toptal. Again, due diligence is important.

@bencf1 - I wonder if its better to insist on knowledge of the OPs tech stack. An expert in the stack would know its limitations or maybe even better alternatives. They might be able to look at the OPs requirements and tell them quickly if the stack will meet their requirements or not. Otherwise, the OP might discover too late that their tech stack is not a good fit for them.

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Thanks to you both, really great advice!

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In my experience, stacks change and good Engineers adapt and learn.