Test Data Generation Tools

A question was asked on the Ministry of Testing Slack today by @wylie

Hoping someone with more experience in this area can help, has anyone got any suggestions Test Data Generation tools that they would recommend? Faker.JS has been mentioned.

When I searched The Club, the only result I got back that wasn’t Faker was from @paulmaxwellwalters

@pmichielsen suggested this post as the team in question are using JavaScript.

What test data generation tools have you used/do you use? They don’t have to be JS specific, I’m just looking for a variety of options :slight_smile: Would you recommend them?

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I’m currently working with the Java port of faker, in order to make MockLab generate more realistic data from Swagger/OAS documents. It seems to do the job nicely so far, although I’ve not yet got to using it for address data, which is usually the tricky part.

I’ve also used Sham in the past, although this isn’t maintained any more.

A useful feature both these have (which I’m not sure is true of all data generator libs) is the ability to pass in your own random seed. This allows you to pass the same seed in on multiple test runs, meaning you get the same values returned. This can be a lifesaver when debugging.

In the SaaS space, Mockaroo looks good, although I’ve not tried it.


Links (since I’m only allowed 2 per post at present):
Mockaroo: https://mockaroo.com/
Sham: https://github.com/tomdcc/sham


@daniel.dainton suggested this https://www.npmjs.com/package/casual