Test Leadership Congress in New York on May 1st-3rd

Test Leadership Congress is a full day conference on emerging trends, innovations and successful practices in leading software testing and quality engineering. The speakers are renowned scientists, thought leaders in our community, executives and senior practitioners from companies such as Spotify, JP Morgan Chase, Ebay, Rent the Runway, LexisNexis and more.

The conference is followed by two days of masterclasses training in leadership decision making, software testing strategies and test automation methodologies, Agile practices, DevOps, and Machine Learning.

It takes place on May 1st-3rd in New York City.


This year, our keynote speakers are Prof. Dave Snowden, Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge, the creator of Cynefin, an award-winning framework for decision making, and Jon Bach, Agile Transformation Coach at Ebay, the inventor of the Session Based Test Management, a breakthrough rapid software testing methodology.

Our presenters Angie Jones, Martin Hynie, Ash Coleman and Fiona Charles are well known in this community.

James Christie, an internationally acclaimed speaker, whose work inspired and started STOP 29119 movement and resulted in a petition signed by over 1000 Test and QA professionals across the globe, is coming to Test Leadership Congress.

James wrote a blog post explaining why he sees this event as a unique opportunity for software testers:


Join us!