Test your testing strength with a nice game!

https://cantunsee.space is a cool website/game where you need to spot subtle errors in the designs shown. Miniscule misallignments, wrong fontweight, etc. Takes about 10 minutes to do all the steps.
Post your score in the comments, would be fun to see what the maximum score is!

Note: Not MY project, so I’m not sure it I’m allowed to post it here but I couldn’t find a better place.


Awesome. Thanks for the indication.

7030 - damn this game is hard!!!

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Need to try this at home, it’s blocked by my work browsers :frowning:

There are many ways to circumvent such a block… :wink:

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I’m actually not sure that the maximum score is and if it is time-based (faster response equals more coins). My score was 6880 with about 6 errors.

5730 in 24 minutes

Great game to help improve observation skills! Sort of like testing the tester!

Good find, 6880 is my best so far. Find my eyes going a bit funny after doing it for too long, trying to work out the font weight ones or if the background circles are a slightly different shape.

I got 6130 in just under 11 minutes. It’s a cute idea and I could definitely see myself doing this every now and then and tracking my results over time.

It was interesting because sometimes I “felt” something was wrong with one of them, and then once I got the answer it was an element that I hadn’t specifically noticed being wrong.


This was really cool! I might try it again after I’ve forgotten the specifics.

6280 in 9 minutes and 26 seconds.

Ranked a beginner. I wonder if what you indicate as your position could affect your score too?

Nice game! Thank you.

OMG, I took this test and it’s amazing,
my brain was dead afterwards, but definitely worth it!
7430 was my score :slight_smile:

I got 6580 and my manager spoke with me whilst I was in the middle of it! :laughing:
We haven’t had much testing on at the moment so it was great for me to remember what I actually do! haha

I wonder if the test examples change? I’ll try again…
Thanks for sharing :smile:

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Cool! Got 6880.
Was expecting (from myself) to get a bit more, but :slight_smile:
One should be very attentive while moving through exercises :slight_smile:
At the same time there were at least two samples, where my personal feeling of aesthetic suggested other answers than expected ones.
Thanks for sharing!