TestBash Manchester 2018: Have Some Cake With Your Frosting: Testing Both API and UI Layers Workshop Resources

Phew that’s a title!
I wanted to post here resources for the workshop “Have Some Cake With Your Frosting: Testing Both The API and UI Layers”. As well as have a place to answer questions from attendees of that workshop as you go to apply what we covered in your work!
In the future I’ll be writing up a blog post for folks to use the Docker image to do their own testing etc.
I’d also appreciate any feedback on this workshop, as I’ll be giving it again in January.

Here is the notes and prereqs page: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10seM_xROjPbQQq_URYDOjooBE65YOgx-YlahimBmc84/edit?usp=sharing

Interesting links from that:
Source code

Random string generator

Unicode snowman

Chrome Dev Tools Network Reference

And Danny Dainton’s Postman resources

And if anyone’s interested in how I created the app that we test during the workshop, or you want access to it yourself, check this out! Testing the UI and API together with my new practice app! - g33klady

Thanks for sharing! Loved the workshop, very helpful for the API testing we are doing right now :+1:

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