TestBash World 2022 - Testing in the Imperial Database with Samuel Nitsche

In this talk, @samuel will take you on a journey to the infamous Death Star, where the Galactic Empire runs the Imperial Database™ with all the expectable problems of a complex, long-running software system.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

Questions Answered Online:

  1. From you personal experience, what are the biggest challenges in DB testing, when you’re just starting out with this kind of testing? @mirza
  2. Who writes your automated checks - devs or testers or a combo? @Annonymous
  3. How do can we keep our tests up to date with the say changing DB schema? Do we migrate tests? for RDMS a lot of the times developer use ORM so such things. @AhmedMubashirKhan
  4. Will you suggest any SQL-validator tools which could help someone starting out in database testing? Specially for testers who are not technically-inclined @marksimone.cabie
  5. Is that an alpaca or a llama? @deborahreid

Questions not answered online

  1. Are there any GDPR concerns with making fixes to the database?
  2. Won’t Darth Vader be angry now he isn’t drawing all 3 of his Salaries?
  3. what about the client of the DB, isn’t that a dependency? might require Auth and stuff?
  4. Is Darth a3…… a llama or cat?