Testcase for a application is applying 5G technology

Hi all,
Im new to 5G technology and Im currently working on project which has been developing mobile application contains the technology. Im so confused how to create a set of test case to cover functions as follow:

  1. Latency testing, e.g. Click latency
  2. Battery Drain
  3. UI framerate
  4. Network throughput
  5. 5G test parameters…

Any kind advinces or guide for me, thank all you, love our home.

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Context is the key here.

What type of application are you testing?

I’ve worked on testing physical devices (smartphones), mobile operating systems (Android, Bada, Tizen, Firefox OS) and of course, mobile apps.

What I can tell right off the bat is that at least your first 4 points are not directly connected with 5G.

I’m mean, sure, you can have problems when network speed is too high, or your app is streaming something in 4K by default even though the device is on a mobile network.

But those are quite specific corner cases.

Are you interested in testing those specific scenarios, or are you trying to do something else?

Specifying what the functionalities of your application are could be a good start :slight_smile: