Tester diary - an experiment based on SBTM and TBTM from RST

Continuing the discussion from How was your February?:

At the beginning of February I did 1 week lasting experiment to get used Session-Based and Thread-Based Test Management (SBTM, TBTM) from James Bach from Rapid Software Testing.
I did a mixture of both. Basically TBTM with some add-ons from SBTM.
I called it a “Testers Diary based on TBTM”.

I’m now more familiar with this concepts. Sure, I do not fully used the as described, but I came next to it.

What I find useful to asses how much time I spent in which category.
This is something I pulled over from SBTM into my more tread-based approch.

This is my diary:
The basic idea is to consider every issue I’m working on as a thread. And treating every other task as by general categories (could have been threads as well).
At the beginning I introduce a daily assessment of my day, which I later dropped.

From that I could create different reports.
As it it just a Excel file with a pivot table graphs of what ever I want.

Time per thread per day
Time per day per thread

Do not get to much obsessed about the nice graphics.
What is also important is “Narrative & Findings”.
Here is was just a summary what I did. At real SBTM you make your notes there (but then you use a different report, session-based, see the link at the beginning).

I did this just for my own. I did not showed it someone internally so far.
For good and bad I did not have the need to defend my work by such reports. I have earned enough trust that no one demands something like this.

I ended the experiment after 1 week, just because I sensed that I did not learned something new.

I achieved my target of getting more used to TBTM/SBTM. Nothing more, nothing less.