Testing Principles

Great to read @melissafisher’s recently updated Testing Principles.

  1. One of our goals is to find risks that impact the business, operations, project, product and quality attributes.
  2. We understand why we are building a product, what we are building and who we are building for.
  3. Testing is built upon empathy for our customers, stakeholders and colleagues.
  4. We believe testing is an activity of cognitive thought and experience and cannot be replaced by tools even though it can be helped by them.
  5. Making our testing visible to others is an objective of ours.
  6. We continuously learn from what is happening in our production environments, so that we can make informed decisions on how to improve.

I love how they amplify the importance of risk and empathy.

So I thought to myself, inspired by Melissa’s principles, “How about I create some principles and see what they look like?” This is what came to mind:

  1. We use both empathy and risk to inform our approach to testing
  2. We capture and demonstrate what we tested, how we tested and why we tested whilst acknowledging the fallibility of our approaches
  3. Feedback from our customers, stakeholders, teams, peers, tools and systems guide our risk focus and increase our level of empathy

How about you, if you were to capture your testing principles, what would they read/look like?

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