TestRail Reporting Question - How to report on unique testcase coverage?

Hi all,

I’m QA manager and for the project I’m working on we are using test case management tool called “Testrail” for our regression testing. For each sprint, we execute various of regression packs with different test cases & amounts (smoke, end to end regression, sanity pass, etc) with 100’s to 1000’s of test cases.

I would like to create a report on unique test cases executed per sprint (it is called milestone in Testrail) to see test coverage overall not include any repeated tests. Just wondering anyone here have any insight how to do this?

Tried Summary > Milestone report (within Reporting section) which shows all test runs and test cases executed but I can’t seem to report on overall number of unique test scenarios executed (case IDs). For example, total executed 5 test cases, but it may be same single test case, it would one unique testcase (case ID). Is there a way to show this via report?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.




Genuinely curious: why are you looking to generate this report? What problem do you expect it to solve for you?

@baysha The project I’ve working on is large scale using waterfall methodology.

Myself and other stakeholders like product owners & project managers would like to know how coverage on the project has covered per sprint and what functionality is actually testable right now to determine how much active functionality in software.

We have 4000 test cases (no dupes) for the product so far, I see reports that QA is executing 10k to 12k TCs per month sprint but it doesn’t tell how much the unique 4000 test cases we are covering.

10k mark could be only 1000 unique Test cases being covered but executing them 10 times each. Also this would be useful to see what test cases we are repeating to tweak our regression packs and frequency of them.

Sorry that was a long winded answer but I hope that you gives better context on the problem and need a solution for this.


I’m afraid I can’t help you with the report itself because I don’t know much about TestRail. But I think you might actually be able to get much better information than just a number - if you’d ask your testers. They’re the ones interacting with the software so they know which areas are already testable, which are not yet ready at all and where the risk areas lie.

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@chrisjonesdude Did you get a solution, I have worked with Testrail for a while now. Maybe this is something I can help you with.

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