That's a whole lot of reviews


:chart_with_upwards_trend: That is the number of TestBash abstract reviews we’ve received so far for UK and Spring. Wow!

Thank you to everyone who has shared their feedback. It will help us create a fantastic lineup and provide helpful feedback to those who put themselves forward. :raised_hands:t2:

There’s still time to review an abstract if you’ve got a spare five minutes.


Is this a typo on the review page sidebar?

We aim to get over 100 reviews for each abstract, so no single review is definitive.

My abstracts have gotten 4 and 5 reviews, respectively, and given that there were hundreds of abstracts submitted, we’re not anywhere close to the hundreds of thousands of reviews that would be needed to make that happen for all of them :upside_down_face:.

It’s an aim. We’ve never made it, but it’s an aim.
What’s the problem with having this as an an aim?
We have enough members, it’s about encouraging enough people to do some.

That’s fair enough–but I guess as a submitter it inflated my expectations compared to the amount of feedback I’ve actually received.

My problem with this aim is that personally, I’d prefer if the abstracts were reviewed by people who actually plan to attend the conference, as opposed to all members of the community.

But all members can benefit from the talks.
As they get added to the website where Pro Members can watch and many are made free.

They also get added to TestBash Playlists.

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True. I haven’t considered that. Thank you!