🥳 You Smashed the Abstract Review Target of 1000!

:tada: Hooray!!

We’re not even a week in after the Call for Papers closed for TestBash Spring and TestBash UK and we have already a total of 1,226 Abstract Reviews!!
It never stops to amaze me to see how much our community comes together to help each other - you folks rock :metal:

There are a lot of reasons why you might be reviewing abstracts and to feed my curiosity I would love to know yours!
So, if you like reviewing abstracts, what is your own individual reason, what drives you to do so?
Let me know below👇


That’s great ! lots of good reasons mentioned above, the most interesting ones are to provide speakers feedback and help them improve if it’s negative and recognise their efforts and another advantage it’s good to I help with my tiny feedback building the conference lineup.


I’d agree with the above although from submitting abstracts myself i don’t always find the feedback useful. Sometimes there are responses like “not sure”…or many that seem to miss the point.
I’d say quality over quantity of reviews is very important.


Yup, having written a couple abstracts for TestBash Spring this March, I wasn’t sure what to make of one feedback response that was questioning whether the topic would still be relevant in…September :upside_down_face:.

That said, I have gotten some useful feedback and now I’m wishing there was a “revise” button so I could improve both abstracts to address it.


That’s a good point ! I agree that in general not all feedbacks are useful but sometimes they are eye opener for something we miss or we discover a new way to say it…


@vivrichards that’s totally a valid comment. Unfortunately not something we can control. We used to allow reviewers to just click the green/amber/red boxes without leaving a comment and only recently introduced the comments as mandatory. This way we can have a better insight as to why reviewers rate the abstracts the way they do.

@c32hedge In that case I can only say that that reviewer didn’t see what the abstract was for or just assumed it was for TestBash UK. Glad you got some useful feedback though :wink:
As for the ‘revise’ option, we have some ideas in store for the abstract submission/review process, so stay tuned this year!

@emna_ayadi that’s good to know :smiley: