Suggestion for the Abstract Review process

I’ve been reviewing some abstracts for TestBash, and after about my 30th it suddenly dawned on me; who is the target audience for this talk? Or any of the talks I’ve reviewed thus far?

It’d be useful to have a tag or section on the abstract indicating who the talk is aimed at. I’m sure a few of them are aimed at managers, and a lot are aimed at junior or mid-level QA/QE.


Hello Richard,

We don’t focus on that, we care more about you, as a member of the community, what do you think. Is it something you want to see/hear? As that way we will design a conference for the active members of the community who are more likely to attend.

If the abstract is badly written, red. If it the abstract is good, but not something your interested in, maybe orange. If it hits all the marks, green.

OK, I guess that makes sense.