Big Call For Papers - Day 9 - Starting to get feedback

Welcome to The Big Call For Papers

We’re here to help increase your chances of being selected for one of our 2022 TestBashes.

Getting community feedback

We talked a bit about empathy and using a different perspective to review our abstracts. But nothing beats actual feedback from others. Sharing your abstracts with community members can help clarify details, dispel assumptions and perhaps raise questions that improve your initial idea.

It’s for those reasons we’ll be running an abstract review session tonight at 8:00 pm GMT. We’ll be inviting people to share their abstracts and get useful feedback. All so you can use it to improve your submission:

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly, that’s fine. Why not find a trusted friend or colleague to give you some feedback. Or you can take advantage of our new Videoask platform and ask us a question.

Today’s activity - Let’s get started with community feedback

For today’s activity, we want to encourage people to submit abstracts to share them with the community. So for this activity:

“Consider attending our Abstract Review session to share your work and get constructive feedback. Or ask us a question via Videoask.”

Need help? Want feedback?

If you need extra help be sure to:

And we’ll see how we can help.

- Mark, OpsBoss @ Ministry of Testing

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