Big Call For Papers - Day 14 - Don't forget to submit

Welcome to The Big Call For Papers

We’re here to help increase your chances of being selected for one of our 2022 TestBashes.

Don’t forget to submit

There are only a few more days left to submit so don’t forget that March 13th deadline. Submissions are coming in and we want to help give the community the biggest array of options to choose from as possible.

However, if you still need help. Don’t worry! Although our last clinic session is done, there is still the opportunity to get one-to-one feedback from us on your abstract via VideoAsk. Don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Today’s activity - More of the same :slight_smile:

Unconventional, but today’s activity is… well it’s the same as yesterday’s:

“Submit your abstract to the TestBash you want to speak at. You can find links to the abstract submission form for each TestBash via their events page or on the Contribute page

Need help? Want feedback?

If you need extra help be sure to:

And we’ll see how we can help.

- Mark, OpsBoss @ Ministry of Testing