Top 5 things to enable quality assistance?

I’ve seen a few people suggest that the term QA refers to “Quality Assistance” rather than “Quality Assurance”. I’m growing to like this expansion a lot more because we can never truly assure quality but we can certainly assist in its consideration :grin:

In our roles to assist with the quality of the product, what do you think are the top 5 things we should keep in mind to enable quality assistance?

  • Encourage and curate quality related activities across your team/group/organisation

  • Support others in endeavours to improve quality - offering testing support, pairing, ensemble, learning, peer reviews

  • Frequent check ins with various departments/teams e.g. leadership, customer support, delivery, sales etc to understand their quality concerns

  • Be a champion for quality in your organisation (or a specialist in an area of it, e,g, security, performance, usability, accessibility)

  • Be Disruptive (within reason) . Call out problems and issues as you see them, to bring them to the surface. Make sure that your voice is heard. But do it in the right way, with the right focus.


That are good points from @danielbilling . Difficult to come up with 5 new ones, without duplicating. I’ll add one to the list:

  • Be curious, in both senses of the word
  1. Being eager to know or learn something. Be it about the product you’re testing, the company you work for, the people you work with.
  2. Dare to be strange or unusual. Look at things in a different manner
  1. Ownedship of Quality Assurance isn’t just the tester but the whole team.

  2. Teambuildings, yes teambuildings! Why you might ask. Quality assurance of the product is very important but the quality of your team itself is also very important. So have a lunch with the entire team or afterwork drinks or play midget golf. Keeping the bond strong is also a good thing for the product.

  3. Encouragement of new things, Innovation is very important.

  4. Fail fast, improve fast. Trying out new stuff with failing as an option should be allowed.
    If it doesn’t work, fine try something else but at least you tried!

  5. Decision making. Often nobody wants to take decisions and it leads to bad work/design/much more time effort. Sometimes someone has to step up.


Yes! Question Asker, Quality Accomplice, Quality Advocate - anything but quality assurance!

  1. Quality is a team sport.
  2. Quality starts when a definition of “what to build” is available.
  3. Frequent inspection helps maintain focus.
  4. Collaboration on what and how to inspect helps the team.
  5. Listen more. Clarify often.

Ensuring Quality is a team effort and not just tester’s effort . However, Testers always fall at the forefront of ensuring/assisting quality. Below are the top 5 things that I think are important in assisting quality by any organization that provides qa software testing services:
1. Testing earlier and testing frequently :
The earlier a tester is involved , the earlier bugs can be found and hence the cheaper it is to resolve the issue.
This ensures that a smaller problem does not snowball into a bigger problem.
2. Communication within team members :
Consistent communication between QA software testing services, Developers and Business is essential to ensure that whole team is on the same page . This also ensures that all expectations are met
3. Strategizing and following processes:
Implementation of certain processes always help in longer run . For example: Ensuring coding standards, effective peer review of test cases or code , ensuring test data is correctly mentioned in the test cases , creating test plan and outlining deliverables.
4. Avoiding overburdening of resources :
If Developers and QA resources are under pressure to release under tight deadlines , the product quality will naturally decrease as likelihood of technical debt items will increase.
5. Put the end user first :
Since any project is developed for an end user , therefore , user’s expectations should be the top priority while developing or testing a project Or user’s will opt for some other options.