Does anyone have any or know of any exercises on Quality Advocacy?

Does anyone have any good exercises to run with new testers on Quality Advocacy? I have one I’ve written but I can’t help but feel there must be better material out there.

I want to try and run an exercise that shows the value in getting involved early on in the conversation and in many parts of the development stage and being someone who can ask questions about the software and advocate for quality rather than be a gate at the end of the development, before releasing.

As I say, I think I have something, but I can’t help but think this must be a solved problem.

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Hello @allcapstester!

May I humbly off my posts this topic here and here? While not exercises, I hope there might be ideas you might use as a foundation.


@devtotest Uh-oh, hate to be that person, but Joe you have posted links as though you are logged into the blog as an admin. I have to follow the redirect but then I can’t see the exact post you mean. Please can you update your hyperlinks? I am really interested to read what you have put. Thanks, and sorry again! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks @froberts! Might I count that as a unit test failure? I can fix the defect right away. Great catch!

My apologies (red-faced here)!

Testing As An Advocacy is here
The New QA is here.



I like your thoughts about

Testing must not “wait until the end”, or plan large testing events “after the code is deployed to the test server”.


testers must actively participate is product designs (high level and detailed) to influence…

Caution: the following contents may include my personal biased opinions

We said we shift-left, and it’s time to shift the thinking and practices about testing to left as well.

We are not here just gather information and provide to decision makers. We are here advocating better quality and we will put forward our recommendations and suggestions as well …

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