Top Automation Testing Tools for Web Apps

What are some of the widely preferred automation software testing tools to test various web based applications?

Argh where do we begin…

What language?

Any language is preferable. Just share some of the trending test automation tools.

If you are looking for something for a specific context, then we would really love to know the context. It helps us to give constructive answers.

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Remember, tools don’t test web applications, you do. You can use tools to help you test.

That being said, here’s a big list from Joe Colantonio.

He has a short description of each one, and many of them include actual podcasts done by him and the makers of these tools to describe their strengths.


The main question here is also what do you want to test?
GUI, API, load…?

And not only the question here is which language but what do you mean by tool?
Had read so many times (even on link above) that people are calling testing frameworks a tools as well.

If it is GUI, you will probably go with Selenium WebDriver (which is also called tool) plus some testing framework for programming language you want to use.

Here are so many subquestions to answer first…

Have just came across this article with which I agree.

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Definitely agree with the above. I have used Selenium (C#) and Test Complete in the past. On a website the two approaches essentially can do the same job. However, in the coding, the plumbing (i.e. all the ‘glue’ between the test cases, and the code which does the heavy lifting) and how results are made available, especially as part of continuous integration, both are different animals.

As to the original poster’s question: to answer in a slightly tangential fashion, I heard it said recently from a very experienced automation person that there are a bunch of tools at level 2-3 and 7-8 on a scale where 1 required a LOT of in-depth coding/technical ability and 10 is the opposite. Selenium (when you write all the code from scratch in the likes of C#) tends towards the 2-3 side of the scale whereas ‘record and playback’ tools (which Selenium can also do) tend towards the 7-8.


Selenium is currently the go to for doing the browser bit. On top of that, Maven and Gradle are the most used as build tools. Finally…BDD is widely spread already and Cucumber/Specflow is the weapon of choice for this.

Besides the technologies, the Page Object Model and, lately, Screenplay are the methodologies to bring order into our frameworks. That is:
Cucumber to define features in a friendly non technical language.
steps made with the logic you have in your page classes using the Page Object Model and Selenium to perform actions.

On the other hand, Rest Assured alone (or with Cucumber) is the main one for API testing (you can even do SOAP with it :D!).

Trending and fairly new are things like Katalon Studio,, and other interesting tools.

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If you are looking for an automation testing tools from the Frontend, I’ll recommend Automai’s Robotic Automation Platform.

If you want to do performance testing, their AppLoader is easy to use to test webs since you don’t need to code or install anything on your application servers. You also can use the same script to do functional testing through their platform.

Hope this can help you:)

The best automation testing tool for web applications are selenium and test studio.selenium is the most usable than other testing tools.its depends on you which tool is best for you

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If you want to put together an effective strategy and the latest techniques then you need to be very selective towords the Test Automation Tools of web applications.

There are various versatile automated software testing tools that can help you to automate your software testing process. But before jump into the actual selection, you should have to focus on the below things such as;

  • Open source or Not
  • Compatible with different operating systems and browsers
  • Easy to use

Here are some of the top numbers of Test Automation tools of 2020.

  • Selenium
  • Watir
  • TestComplete
  • Katalon Studio
  • Cucumber

I hope my answer is helpful to you… :blush:


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In our team, we are using LambdaTest for all of our Selenium automation testing needs and it is working fine for us.
Earlier we used free trial of many automation tools but stucked at LambdaTest from the last 2 years. Hope It helps.

Note: I am not promoting LambdaTest, it is my recommendation.

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