UiPath and Eggplant - is your test team using these tools?

Hi, I’m a tester in a test team where currently all web based functional testing is done manually. We are currently looking for an automation tool to help initially help with our regression testing, preference for the tool is that it’s low maintenance and easy to use/learn. I have coding/development knowledge but not all testers in the team have.

We have trial licenses for UIpath and Eggplant which we are trying out (but we don’t have the full product or packages installed due to our initial company restrictions).

Be good to know if any testers here are using either of these tools and can provide feedback on pros/cons ?


I’m interested to know how you got on with both these tools?

I know of some people who uses Eggplant and seem happy enough with it.
I have used it on a trial basis and thought that it didn’t quite fit my needs.