Unemployed due to redundancy

Hi all

I am very new to this group and currently unemployed as Project Engineer in manufacturing industry due to redundancy, but I want to use this opportunity to change career in in IT industry. I really don’t mind doing some work experience / voluntary work to gain some skills. Any one out there who willing to give a chance our put me to the right direction can contact me via tunadng @yahoo.com

I am looking forward to hearing from you

Many thanks

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Welcome @tunde2008 and I’m sorry you were made redundant. The first things I would suggest are getting along to some local tech meetups. You will meet folks who might be able to help and pick up useful information too. If you are not already on Twitter its a good place to follow tech folks and again pick up lots of good information. You can follow me to get started at @CricketRulz or just look at my follow list. If you want to @ me I’ll happily retweet your request for help.

Are you looking at IT in general or testing specifically? Sorry to self promote but my website has the Periodic Table of Testing which might give you some idea of the range testing covers, https://www.thebigtesttheory.com/blog//2017/07/current-periodic-table-of-testing-and.html

I’ve also trained tester so can give you some ideas on where to look to learn. Good luck!

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I really want thank you for your response.
I am looking to get a start as a tester and within 5 five years to become a IT project manager any assistance in this area is welcome
I am not familiar with twitter but I have tried finding you I can’t. I booked some meetups for the next few weeks. Thanks

For Twitter, Ady Stokes or Cricketrulz (one word) should get me. If you want to drop me an email at adystokes@sky.com I can send you some information on training to be a tester. Hopefully will give you some ideas to get started and it has lots of links and search ideas for each section.


I’m sorry to hear about your redundancy. In addition to the above, something you can look into is the ISTQB qualification.

There is a thread on here regarding people’s opinions on whether it is worth it or not here, however, if you could get your hands on a book/some material you can learn about processes and terminology.

You could also try reaching out to local businesses if any offer work experience - that would depend on your area and what’s available though.

I hope that helps.

Faith Roberts makes a valid point
Getting certified is a sound move if you don’t have any work experience, I know quite a few people who got their first job in testing thanks to that cert. Personally, I don’t think too highly of certificates, they’re just like shinny badges, but they will make you sand out from other applicants, who don’t have work experience in testing and it will get you past HR and non-technical managers.

While ISTQB CTFL is full somewhat opinionated, with lots of dry theory, managers like it because they can sell you to the client better. The certification ain’t cheap and it will also show that you’re putting in the effort.

Aside from that read a lot of testing blogs, do tutorials, be curious and maybe try one of the 30 day testing challenges here at MoT.

Best of luck!