Unlock your #TesterMindset & Seed the #TestingMindset

In May 2019, I listened Michael Bolton on the Testing Mindset and for the next a few weeks I had been thinking #TestingMindset.

I have seen a lot of people are using it during conversations online/offline. Though, it’s not very often people explain what they mean. I used it quite often myself as well without explaining because it’s fuzzy image with lots of stuff in it. The image is kind of blurry so I cannot see it clearly myself and it seems changing everytime when i look at it closely. something like this :point_down:

Back in June, I posted the question here and here and other online platform and so many face-to-face discussions.

During this exploration, I started thinking applying the Agile Mindset model to #Testing with the aim to work out my vision of #TestingMindset, #Value, #Principles etc. I am very lucky to have Aaron Hodder who I have admired for a long time to be my mentor through this process.

Here are twelve principles we come up with after reviewing some existing principles. Please comment and provide your feedback on it.

Please join in the conversations if you’d like to be part of the journey. Have some fun together.

What can we lose apart from lots of learning during this process?

Join in the conversation by applying either the #TesterMindset or #TestingMindset accordingly.

Here is my attempt to differentiate them. Feel free to define them your way and share with me. No one else defined them, so it’s free to all to define them :rofl:

Near end of 2019, TesterMindset over testing misconceptions is established.

About the group:

Group of passionate professionals who believe in #Testing is about #Mindset.

We are here to unlock own #TesterMindset & seed #TestingMindset into others who cares.

We are here to retell our tester story. It’s not about manual or automation, not the hands but the brains guide our behaviours.

It is beliefs, values, mindset, principles then the processes and practices.

Let’s do this together and make testing and tester proud!

The main purpose of this group is to help with deeper and more focused conversations on the subject relating to testing misconceptions or else.

Check it out and join us in 2020 to challenge some misconceptions in testing!

This is what I have been working towards to, as on 13 January 2020 almost 7 months later. This is still a working in progress.

Please join me on the learning journey if you are interested in the #TesterMindset.

I’m using an agile mindset as the lense for my learning and exploring

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Here is one of my recent experiments of training the #TesterMindset on LinkedIn and Twitter.

What’s your thoughts on the exercise? Does it exercise your creative mind and critical thinking?