Usability Testing: Mindmaps and Similar Resources

I’ve been doing a bit of research into usability lately. A useful blog post I stumbled across comes from the UX design account on Medium (not surprising I guess)

Largely, I’m researching because I’ve found a lot of websites lately to feel as if they weren’t usable. The usability issues vary too:

  • Doesn’t work either at all or else renders strangely on mobile
  • I can’t find the company information
  • The point of the page I’m on is not clear
  • Pop-ups. I don’t need to say any more :sweat_smile:

I was wondering if anyone has any other resources for Usability. Mindmaps? Checklists? Blog posts?

I’m also interested in anything specific to usability testing and how software testers, or the whole team, can build usability in. Not all organisations have a designated UX person after all :slight_smile:

I believe good design and usability go hand in hand with good accessibility. I also believe there’s no better starting point than inclusive design and is a great resource covering all of those. The link below has some great overall information but I think you might be particularly interested in part 3 (link takes you straight to it) about building inclusion into designs.

I’m interested to see what else the testing universe shares on this.

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