Ways to apply Automated/Automation Testing?

Good morning,

I was tasked with researching ‘ways to apply automated testing’. I have never done automated testing. Only manual with test plans written by developers. Not sure where to begin.

Anyone have any websites that explain this to a newbie easily that have helped you in the past? Looking for advice on where the best places are to begin this research based on other testers/businesses experience.

Thank you!

This might be a good place to start, not because it explains all of the ways to apply automation in testing (in fact, it doesn’t), but because it gives a few concrete example of where tool-based-testing may, or may not, work at all.

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Hey Andrea,

I’d recommend watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIDvGzQdoxc

But at a high level, the best use of automation is to facilitate what you already do. If your testing is already good and providing the right results, look at where you can introduce automation to make it easier for you to achieve those same results. Big bang changes will likely disrupt and impact an already working system.

I share a story in this talk where we tried to automate our ‘regression testing’ and completely failed. But what did work was automating the creation of the test data to make the ‘manual’ testing easier.

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Hi Andrea,

Here is quite informative post about automated testing https://comparium.app/automated-testing.html. It might help you.

Hi Andrea,

This website is fantastic for training: https://testautomationu.applitools.com/

It has a lot of really useful training videos around best practices, automation in different languages, devops etc. The ones I’ve watched have all been very easy to follow and go at a good pace not assuming any prior knowledge.

Also if you’re not already a member of the Ministry of Testing Slack, i’d recommend joining. There’s an automation channel with lots of people that could help you out with any problems.

Good luck!