Web sites and Web hosting

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but what do People know or suggest for websites and Web hosting in terms of creating a profile online other than linked in.
How much are these sites tested.
How would you test such sites

The premise of this is a question that a few testers are debating and its got a tad overrun and I wanted to check if people had the same views and opinions.

I have left it vague so as not to influence people’s responses.



I’m not sure I understand the question correctly, could you elaborate it a little bit?

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Sorry i wasn’t clear.
As people create online profiles, what do people think of professionals creating Web sites showcasing their work be it code, cv, etc?


Maybe you can read this to get ideas, although the question was more for blogging: Starting a blog - platform recommendations?


Thanks @pwong for that link!

Gah, Philip Beat me to it.

Mike, you can probably find bio links in some peoples profiles here and snoop about from there too. Have you looked at using github “pages” for free hosting of content?


Well, I got a small portfolio of mine (it needs some long overdue content updates) own and it hardly needs any serious testing - it’s just a single pare react app with static content, I just glance over it after deploying some changes.

How much to test a portfolio site would depend on what is going on, if you have an email contact form you might want to make sure that emails really can get sent, check if the images are displaying properly, add some analytics to see which devices and browsers are mostly used by your visitors so you can determine what to test in that regard, etc.

Edit: in case you need help, or get stuck at any point, just let me know, I used to work with WordPress a while back and I don’t charge a consultancy fee for friends. :grin:

Github pages is good for getting an online space. Lots of options to tailor for what you need Big benefit is that it’s a repo in your Github account.

If you’re looking to deploy some of your work Heroku might be a good a option. I’ve deployed a Java script site to it before. Has free and paid tiers.