Welcome to The Club by Ministry of Testing

Welcome to The Club by Ministry of Testing. As you can see, we have evolved. It’s probably about time! The Club is where the conversations happen!

This is:

  • A place for testers to unite and talk about all things testing.
  • A place to have fun and make new friends
  • A place to be serious and discuss real problems
  • A place to respect and advance the industry
  • A place to work within the guidelines that we have created.
  • A place to talk all things Ministry of Testing

Please email boss@ministryoftesting.com all your questions!


Some people have asked me how this Club thing works, what are they meant to do, how do they write a question here. Adding a bit of a “how to” to the introduction section seems to make the most sense.

How do I create a Club account?

If you have an account for the Dojo, your credentials for there are your credentials for the Club. Pretty handy right?

If you haven’t got a Dojo account yet, you can see the sign up options and choose the right fit for you.

How do I post a question?

Once you are signed in to the Club, in the top right of your screen, you will see a “New Topic” button

When you click that, you will see a screen like this

The title is a short summary of your topic. It cannot be empty and must be at least 15 characters long.

To the right of the title, you will see a drop-down option where you select a category that your question should appear in. Perhaps you are participating in 30 days of testing or you’d like help with automation, tools or security testing. You can select these categories or others from the list. Categories help people search the Club more easily. They also help mentors or people with specific interests in certain areas to go straight to those things.

If you’re not sure where your question should go, check the category descriptions e.g. the automation category. To get to a category description, click on the categories tab at the top of the page

It’s okay if you make a mistake, you can edit it after. Occasionally (very occasionally) an admin might edit it for you to make sure it’s in the right place.

Finally, we’re at the body of your question. Here is where you get to flesh out your reasons for asking the question or the context surrounding it. Maybe you just read a blog post and you want to open a discussion about it, include the link to the blog post so people can read it too. Don’t just post a link to the blog post though, expand it a bit: what did you find interesting about it? What do you want to discuss about it? You don’t have to write walls of text here, again, if you make a mistake you can update the question (what is edit for after all :wink: ). We don’t encourage single line posts, it’s pretty hard for people to answer those so add as much context as you can.

I can’t think of a question I’d like to ask but I’d still like to participate, what can I do?

You can do multiple things :smiley:

If you like a question that someone else has asked you can click on the :heart: under the question to let the person know. Maybe someone has answered a question and you like how they’ve answered, you can like the answer in the same way as the question by clicking the :heart:

If you see a question where you might be able to help, why not add a reply?

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How to edit my full name and change my email address?

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You need to go to your Dojo profile to edit your email address. To edit your username, could you drop an email to hello@ministryoftesting.com and we can arrange that for you?