What do you think of this schedule for the "Welcome to the Ministry of Testing Community"?


On Wednesday 2nd March 2022, I’ll facilitate the first “Welcome to the Ministry of Testing Community” session.

The learning objectives are as follows:

  • Describe what Ministry of Testing is and how it helps the software testing craft
  • Discuss the importance of the Ministry of Testing Code of Conduct
  • Name multiple ways to learn, contribute and connect with the community
  • Connect with other community members with shared interests

I’ve put together a schedule (we’ll use Butter to host it). The detail isn’t there as that’ll come from actually participating yet hopefully it gives you some indication. The approach is: Auto-pair with someone and explore together, come back as a whole group and debrief.

What do you think? Imagine you’ve just joined the community, how might you interpret it? For those of you with experience of the community, is this a handy way to start? I’m very conscious of not overwhelming people and just creating a space to meet others and start to feel a sense of connection.

Thanks for your reflections and help.