What are the best test cases writing and management platforms?

So over time, I have read through different articles mentioning some tools as the best. Basically, I am considering the following to help with the decision making

  1. Easy migration
  2. Security
  3. Platform that will allow me to upload already written test cases in excel to their own platform with ease and without any mismatching.
  4. Reporting and analysis

Hi Adeniyi. Welcome to the Community.

Well, based on the way you asked this question, I’m still left guessing as to what your actual question is. Mainly because you are not talking about what kind of tests, who cares about these tests, nor are you telling us what your org structure or industry type and your SDLC looks like. So it’s also hard to give any kind of help without context to a question, which in reality is 4 separate questions, and each will have a different experience, also not sure what you have already read. I’m keen to know whether you are open to the idea that written test cases are rather pointless? I know that’s not an answer, but I hope it helps you build a frame.

Remember there are no stupid questions, just questions that don’t get you the guidance you really sought.


Thanks for responding. I am referring to a functional manual testing

Basically, we have been writing our test cases in an excel sheet and analyze the result in excel as well. We feel the need to move those already written test cases to a proper test management platform and also continue writing new test cases in the test management platform we migrate to.

Does this provide the clarity you seek in your earlier response?


Yeah, I’m an automation person, so I was a bit lost…although I love using excel. But 2 main issues with excel.

  • It’s hard to create a brand new “iteration” when you find a bug that requires a rebuild and you have to start the whole sheet from scratch
  • It’s hard to know when tests got added to the sheet or how to remove tests from all future sheets or copies when a feature goes away.

If you use Jira, definitely grab one of the popular jira plugin tools , but know that they are expensive and are intended for automation, not for manual testers. So you may not find them worth moving to. You could try using testlink, it is free. https://testlink.org/


Hey Adeniyi,

This is common question, there are lots of thread already posted on this topic, might be worth having a read through those.


If you are looking for a test case writing and management platform, there are numerous options to choose from. If you are looking for some authentic and traditional tools that offer great capabilities, you can go for TestRail and JIRA.

Besides, if you are planning to go for something new, you can try any tool like:

Zephyr Scale



TestFlo for JIRA

Test Monitor


Hi, send our support (support@testuff.com) your Excel with the tests and they’ll create an account for you with these tests. Then you could use our 30 days free trial to try it and see whether you like our test management solution or not.

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Since a while now we use a combination of Confluence (overview, reports) and plain Jira (per case/topic one issue).

This is an approach how to use only Confluence (I guess many other wikis would do it) I’d love to try one day:

You can do similar things with multiple Google-Sheets.

And don’t forget the Low-Tech Testing Dashboard:


I’ve been using Preflight for end to end testing, automated web testing, and much more! Believe me working with them is way more enjoyable than others!


Have you chosen a tool? This is on my list to explore, but got bumped down the priority list. I think a lot of these tools have trial options, so you could try them out and assess out of 5 whether it meets your criteria (if you haven’t chosen one already).


Thanks for this interesting solution!

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I would talk to the support team of test management tools because it is all individual.
Most of all, popular test management tools have all options specified by you. The only concern that I would consider is migration and security.
About security: for example, if you need a cloud version, that is easier - Zephyr has pretty good security protocols for cloud versions, Testrail as well. If you are looking for a local version, it is better to pay attention to aqua ALM, as the German government uses them.
Migration: how many cases do you need to transfer, how much time you have to do this, what format of your test cases you can download and if it is compatible with a new system. Some test management tools assure that they can execute migration within a day. But some of them don’t give you any specific information. Like codebeamer - I couldn’t find any information about their migration even though so many people told me it is easy with them…turned out that not.
So, IMHO, I would compare a few tools on https://sourceforge.net/ to see which tools have the features I need.