What are the software testing Trends in 2020


I am just preparing myself for the next years, So can you please suggest the latest trends in software testing in 2020…It will helpful for me

Thanks in Advance::grinning:


Hi Priti,

The key items I have noted that are on the rise are automation, cloud testing and mobile app testing.

None of these are new but I have noted they are becoming more common.



Thank you so much for the suggestion…:grinning::blush:

I think observability and recoverability on production are going to be on the up. Less testing and more coaching.



Thanks a lot, I will focus on that too…

Accessibility is another area that’s becoming more and more prevalent. I think we’ll see quite a lot of that going forward - particularly now that Dominos has been successfully sued about it in the US.


Accessibility is also one of the important part of 2020

I would say most of the trends we’re experiencing now are ongoing, longer-term ones (are they still a trend if they stick around for 5+ years…?). Here’s a few:

  • Shift Right - more testing in production, more using production as a quality measure, more focus on recoverability than never introducing a bug in the first place
  • Test Ops - Dev Ops for testers (I know least about this, so no blurb as I’ll just get it wrong, sorry)
  • Revival of Manual - growing understanding tons and tons of automation is inefficient and only part of the puzzle anyway, so a return to manual styles of testing
  • Accessibility as a top-priority concern - Accessibility has always been vitally important, but only recently do we see it being taken as seriously as other functional defects

Well said…

Revival of Manual:+1::+1:

Perfect…as per the article, Machine Learning, and IoT Testing is also part of the future which makes testing more smooth…


As someone who has been testing in IoT for the last 10 years, I wonder what data supports the idea that IoT testing is on the rise?

I see this as a buzz-word in testing-trends lists nearly every year, but I never see any quantifiable change in the actual employment opportunities in IoT testing. Could be only my perception though…