What are your favourite browser extensions

It’s Thursday so that means new article day! This time we have an article from @kasturi14 who has shared some of their favourite chrome browser extensions:

Which begs the question:

What are your favourite browser extensions?

It’s a common question that gets asked, but given the ever changing landscape of extensions, there are always new ones to share! For example, I’ve been using a few extension lately that are powered by ChatGPT.


I have not checked any Chat GPT extensions yet but will review some and update my list


I’m actually not using that many browser extensions, now that I think of it.
My favorite one: AdBlock :joy:

Looking forward to seeing what others use, might get some good stuff out of it!


Interesting article. However, as far as CSS and font is concerned, i use developer’s tools. I don’t like to add too many extensions because the browser becomes heavy in such a case.

Bug Magnet is an amazing extension for UI testing text fields, and one of the first things I install on any work machine (and on my personal laptop too).


Anyone got an extension that makes it easy to stress things that are more practical like forcing javascript to be taking longer to load?

Only javascript or the whole page should take longer to load?

An extension that makes it easier to detect when scripts run before the page has completed loading by somehow provoking either slow to load scripts, or slow to load resources. but without requiring the person to have to hack about too much. It’s such a common web page loading error for first-time experience, there must be some easy win plugins to provoke these 2 big cases?

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I cannot really think of any extension at the moment but I would have 2 suggestions that might help

  • stop the javascript on the page from loading
  • emulate slow network

I can show you both if you like in a call @conrad.connected

The below book is free and is full of extensions and tools and everything that could help you at work

But my favourites are BirdEatsBug and WordTune


I use few extensions.

I have the habit to test in a private browser window, so that I am reasonably sure that I start out in a clean state, with empty cache and no cookies.

In my non-private browser, I have the postman interceptor. I did not get the postman proxy to work yet.


Another shout out for Bug Magnet, it’s super useful.
Also GoFullPage for those massive screen caps, and ColorPick Eyedropper.

We have an in house one that we use a lot too, but that won’t help anyone else :laughing:


Great list will check out some of these. I’ve been using Fake Filler, form filler with dummy data. Fake Filler - Chrome Web Store


Searching in web pages with regex.
Especial when I open a text file (e.g. logs) from our CI server without explicit download.

There are multiple, this is the one I picked.

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  • Grammarly: Helps me write better
  • AdBlock: Makes the internet browserable
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There are some interesting testing suggestions to look into here, thanks!

In more general usage I run: uBlock, Dark Reader, and Web Scrobbler.

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Recently discovered Bug Magnet too, so thanks for that @geoffd!