Name Your Top 3 Browser Plugins

What are your top 3 favourite or most used plugins?

Mine are:

  • Grammarly
  • ColorPick Eyedropper
  • Spectrum
  • 1Password (Password manager)
  • uBlock (ad blocker)
  • Google docs
    … that’s all I have really. :slight_smile: … Grammarly could be neat though, thanks for the tip
  • Selenium IDE (the new updated one is quite handy to quickly find multiple locators for an object)
  • BlazeMeter plugin (allows for record and replay integration with JMeter - again, handy to detect exactly what API calls are triggered as you go around a site)
  • Axe for accessibility scans.

Grammarly can be hit and miss for me, sometimes it says that the slang words I use have an aggressive tone :sweat_smile: but it’s mostly helpful :slight_smile:


I know it said top three but I also have Google Drive, Web Developer tools, aXe, adblock and 1password amongst other as well as using DevTools quite a bit too.


Fireshot, json formatter, setupVPN


I’m on Chrome and mainly do API testing. Besides LastPass:

  • JSON Viewer - pretty prints JSON
  • EditThisCookie - monitoring and editing cookies
  • Jira HotLinker - “quick access to Jira metadata when hovering over ticket numbers! This extension will show a tooltip when hovering over a jira ticket number on github or a ticket link.”

My just for fun one is Tabby Cat that has little cartoon cats on each new browser tab.

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Evernote web clipper, Loom recorder, 1Password, AdBlock, and, of course, Grammarly:)

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Nice ones, to add something a bit different:
Wappalizer, handy to know which technologies and versions are being used on the site.
Key Jump keyboard navigation, use keys instead of the mouse to open links.
Session Buddy, keep saved sessions of tabs to readily open them and work with them.

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I tried this today, the first record crashed my browser :open_mouth: I don’t know how I managed it but I did :sweat_smile:

Loom has made a change so you can’t use it for recording talks anymore without buying a plan. Mine went flaky for a bit too.

I was just trying to record dev tools on here while testing something out :see_no_evil:

I’m rather fond of RGBlind which just sits in my toolbar and only needs a couple of clicks to simulate what a page would look like to someone with protanopia or deuteranopia (the two “flavors” of red-green color blindness).

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I love plugins that allow that :grin:

Some suggestions from Kevin Tuck in his recent blog