Tell Me the Best Mozilla and Chrome Add Ons for Software Testing

Hello All,:raising_hand_woman:

Can you please tell me the best and most useful Mozilla and Chrome Add Ons for Software Testing. Which helps you a lot in your testing strategy…

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Hello Priti,

From more then 3+ years i used many add on’s during application testing here i would like to give your list…

For Mozilla…
4.Web Developer Toolbar
5.Fox Splitter &Tile Tabs

all are the my favourite which but if you want to explore this topic you can check here:

Hope this will be helpful to…


Hello Priya,

Thanks for this list…

Choropath is one I use extensively for gathering XPaths for Automation testing on Websites. Its free so good value for money. Also JavaScript Errors notifier, though I don’t use it with firefox.

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Yes, So many testers suggest me this one also…

Thanks for your feedback

I use Augury for testing Angular sites and I have a Wave plugin for accessibility.

For screen recording, I use Screencastify which helps when I have “weird” behaviour that can’t be captured in screenshots alone.

This is just for Chrome, by the way.

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Axe for accessibility testing is quite useful. It’s the same as Google Lighthouse but runs more tests.

BlazeMeter plugin for Chrome is quite useful as you can quickly generate JMeter performance tests.

Selenium IDE is also useful in places.

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Hi Priti,

Please find the add-ons below.

  1. Loom recorder for screen recording
  2. CSS Viewer for checking the HTML details
  3. Broken Link Checker for checking the broken links on site
  4. Linkdialler (Using Linkdialler you can dial a link, create numbers for links which you and others can dial and also store them as favourites.)
  5. Bugasura APP for doing Mobile App’s testing & Mobile sites testing on Android devices.
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Yesterday I used this…It is good…


Firebug and Firesizer are obsolete

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Bug Magnet is very useful add-on in Chrome and Firefox for exploratory testing.

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Thanks for the suggestion…