What are your go-to questions when you discuss or discover new information?

@kayu shared this helpful cheat sheet of questions.

How about you, what are your go-to questions when you discuss or discover new information?

Let’s start a thread of helpful questions.


Depending on the context and the specific information at hand, we can ask the following questions to make a decision. Keep in mind that these questions may vary based on an individual’s perspective:


“For example, my friend says there is a new business opportunity.”


  1. Who are the key people involved in this business opportunity?
  2. Who will be most directly affected by this business opportunity?
  3. What are the alternatives to pursuing this business opportunity?
  4. What are the best and worst-case scenarios for this opportunity?
  5. What can be done to ensure the success of this business opportunity?
  6. Are there similar businesses operating in the market?
  7. Where can I find additional information about this business opportunity?
  8. When will this opportunity benefit me?
  9. When is the best time to initiate this business process?
  10. Why is there a current need for this market opportunity?
  11. How does this opportunity benefit us and others?
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There are several good questions in that image.
I wonder why wouldn’t there be a combination of the Left column(Who, What…) with the right one;
Say: How does this benefit us/others? can be used also as:

  • Why would this benefit us?
  • Who would this benefit?
  • Where could we see a benefit for us?
  • When would this benefit us?
  • What benefits might we get out of this?

I think the amount of go-to questions is quite unlimited when talking about any new information without context.
It will only be limited by how much we know about that information and what we feel that the information would be useful for.


I like your thinking here, @ipstefan. I can see the power in those questions and the subtleties they bring from using the “Five Ws” approach.

Yes, I agree with you. This template will give an idea of how we can validate the information.

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