What updates would you make to the Feature Chat Sheet?

A while back @lisa.crispin and @janet_gregory asked the testing community to come up with a name for a handy cheat sheet they’d created.

Thanks to Karen Greaves for the first part of the name and Simon Tomes for the second half.


The Feature Chat Sheet: Conversation Starters is a super helpful list of questions to ask in discussions about planned new features and stories.

Have you used it, and if so, how did it help?

If you used it today, what updates (if any) would you make to it? How might you use it?


Hi @simon_tomes, there are some points I want to suggest to add in this list:

Value to users/business

  • What business metrics does this new feature influence?

Feature behaviour

  • How do other features impact this new feature?
  • How does a new feature impact existing features?
  • What’s an example of state-transition flow?


  • Can it introduce design constraints?


  • Who should be notified about upcoming new feature (another team)?
  • Who should be aware of feature completion?
  • What might they want in the context of this feature?