What are your thoughts on Patreon?

A lot of content providers that I follow have Patreons with various tiers and various levels of engagement.

I haven’t as yet become a Patron for anyone, but would potentially become on in the future, as I see it as a way to support new content creation.

With our podcast (Testing Peers) we have created a patreon, but we haven’t really found that level of engagement yet.

So as someone who hasn’t yet engaged from either side, I would be really interested if anyone has any thoughts or better still experience with the platform?

Recently become a Patron for your podcast and a couple of others. I like being able to do a little bit to support the creators of content I am enjoying but will admit I am not really there for any further engagement so the extra tiers that people provide aren’t really of interest to me but can see why they might be for other people.

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Hello! I had a patreon for my Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby for a while! I found that I got enough to cover monthly hosting costs but not much more. It takes some effort to think about rewards to give people. Some will happily support you as is, some people want to get exclusives. I put some snippets of episodes that I didn’t felt fit the edited version but were too good to delete up as exclusives, also some behind the scenes stuff.

It takes a fair amount of marketing as well so keep on plugging. A few podcasts I listen to/support read out new patreon’s names on the episode which is fun and easy to do?

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ALSO: if you want to chat about it more, feel free to ping me, happy to help in any way I can :smiley:

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Hey @gemma.hill1987 thanks I will, what’s the best way to get in touch?

Thanks @g.crawford20

I thought I recognised the name.

Thank you for your support, it really does make a difference!

email? gem@gemhill.co.uk or you can DM me on twitter @gem_hill :slight_smile:

I think the engagement we have with the pod is good so far. I don’t think we can expect much more without putting loads more work on ourselves too.

I notice with some of the sports pods i listen to that have patreon, they have “Match Reaction” episodes where the patrons are invited onto them to give their opinions of the match. That’s not something that works as well in our field.

It’s one of those things where i think if we had the time/effort to offer more tiers and benefits, then we might see more uptake, but is it worth the extra effort at this stage? I don’t know…

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