What boring task would you like a tool to help you with - 30 Days of Tools, Bonus Sponsor Challenge

Well, what do we have here? A bonus 30 Days of Tools challenge from our sponsor Sauce Labs. Time to reflect on the boring stuff we do in testing with Sauce Labs challenge:

What manual or tedious testing activity are you currently doing, which you’d most like to have a tool handle entirely instead?

  • Testing should be fun, what things are you doing in testing that you feel unengaged with. What tools might help?
  • What tools have you used in the past to make testing more fun for you?

Feel free to reply to this post and share wherever you like, on the MoT Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter using #30DaysOfTools, Racket, your blog, with your team and any place you feel might inspire yourself and others to do the same. Let’s learn from each other throughout October. Visit the 30 Days of Tools page and select the “Subscribe to Topic” button to receive each daily challenge direct to your inbox.

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It’s on October 28th, 10am-10pm UK time. Available with a Pro Subscription or you can purchase a ticket.


Might be a bit impossible but a UI Testing tool in a fast adapting company. The website changes every single day so automating the UI elements is kind of hard. :frowning:
So it’s not worth automating some of the aspects of the site.

Developer tools, Burpsuite, Postman and some hacking tools :stuck_out_tongue:

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Generate test cases based on some minimum input from the tester, sometimes we are required to write test cases and it can be time-consuming and tedious.

Visual Studio Code, Fiddler, Dev Tools, ET session management apps, etc.


Model Based Testing? :stuck_out_tongue:

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